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Smile from the Heart

One of the treasures taught at the Southern Shaolin Temple is to Smile from the Heart (SFTH). It is the first exercise I teach my chi kung students and how we open every practice session.

When we Smile from the Heart, our main objective is to protect the body, feel gratitude and sense joy.

Smile from the Heart can benefit in two ways:

1. Inner Body

The regular practice of SFTH can help cleanse your organs and release the toxins that are created daily, in any activity, either physically, emotionally or mentally. It is sometimes very difficult for our system to release those toxins by itself, and over time, it can lead to energy disorders in our meridian system.

Negative emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, depression, and worry are low-quality energy generators and are some of the root causes of illnesses in our body according to internal martial arts teachings. Negative emotions can even take away your inner force which results in an energy blockage.

Just being aware of your SFTH, even though it is very simple to achieve, is powerful. It aids your body in flushing out all of that poisonous negative energy, amplifying the flow of chi through the body's meridians. It helps maintain your system clean, open and healthy, and charges the entire body structure energetically with fertile life-force.

2. Outer Body

Remember that every time you SFTH you are producing a very high frequency of energy that stimulates powerful internal healing and can provoke feelings of joy, happiness and peace.

Once you've learned to Smile from the Heart and have experienced its benefits personally, you can also learn to share and direct the positive energy generated with others to promote their healing and emotional vitality.

Sharing is of great value to both the giver and receiver. After we practice smiling from the heart in my classes, I always encourage my students to share their experience with others in the group.

Today, I encourage you to continue sharing your experiences with us in the comment section below or on my social media channels, and don't forget to Smile from the Heart daily!

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