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A practice known as Chi Kung, commonly referred to as Qigong, dates back almost 4,000 years from the Chinese culture. “Qi,” translated as “energy,” and “Gong” meaning “skill,” indicates the foundation for this form of exercise. With a combination of intensive breathing and specific movements to target internal energy, this ancient Eastern art uses both external and internal approaches to gain control of one’s body.


The countless benefits of Chi Kung vary from managing stress and emotions, to using the practice as a source of healing. These simple yet effective movements have allowed individuals to discover new ways of treating various health concerns both physically and mentally.


Viewing the human body as an energy source is the key to successfully engaging in Chi Kung. In other words, without energy we are unable to function. While applying this same concept to the human body, Chi Kung leaves individuals able to focus on their internal resources and to incorporate them into their daily lives. Focusing on the mind, body, and energy, better known as the “three treasures,” this practice develops the essential aspects of the person.


Differentiated from other forms of exercise, Chi Kung focuses on both enhancing one’s muscles as well as caring for the cardiovascular system. The circulation of movements contributes to preventing illness, inducing relaxation, and controlling the strength and tensions in the body.


Research has shown that by combining meditation and heavy exercise, those faced with physical challenges, such as disease, or mental encounters, from emotional frustration to the need for spiritual guidance, are able to find inner peace through the prescribed exercises. As simple as it may seem, the effects of this practice have at times been nothing short of a “miracle,” having the ability to improve the human body’s healing process.


Chi Kung allows individuals to gain both personal and clinical benefits, elements that are essential to maintaining proper health. Offering various levels, Chi Kung provides individuals with the opportunity to find their own respective skillset within the exercise. The goal of this practice is not to place a set standard on everyone who participates, but rather, aid each individual in finding their own desired path.


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