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Do you practice conscious thought?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Without a doubt, every practice has its challenges.

I always encourage and welcome your questions as you face your challenges in the search of Quietud Sagrada.

Your questions often challenge me to keep looking for metaphors that will help you understand each concept we've discussed and for each skill delivered.

During the exercise to learn how to perform the internal massages of the organs, I was still questioning how to share the difference between thought and consciousness. Here is something that recently came to me, and I hope it helps.

We know what happens to us when we want to go to a place where we have never been. We see photos of the site, read about it on the internet or in brochures, and see comments on social media written by people who have been there.

We are excited by how wonderful that visit is going to be, and we cannot get rid of that idea in our mind.

Of course, we can only imagine what we will enjoy. We think about what the food will be like, the music and sounds of the place, we imagine its smells, the comfy bed, the view, and all the fun we're going to have.

These are only speculations, because it is only our thinking and what our mind is capable of creating by piecing together the information we have... but this thought does not answer all your questions and much less give you pleasure.

These questions only vanish when you make the decision to travel to the destination and finally arrive. Now you can explore the place by your own means and live it through your senses. Now it becomes your own experience.

Your story changes. This becomes a story that takes place at a higher level than you were at before traveling, when the information was only handled in your thoughts.

Now, that you are already there, everything is completely different. You do not think about the place anymore. You are aware of what it is like in reality.

We can even see that many of the speculations we had did not align with the reality that was revealed to you upon arrival.

Yes, for the first time, you can ascertain that you really know the truth. Thought ends and it gives way to consciousness or conscious thought.

And because you are now at a superior level of perception and understanding, you can truly enjoy the place and what matters most, your present self...

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