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Be a Responsible Race Car Driver

In the spirit of sharing and thanksgiving, I am honored to share the uplifting and kinds words I recently received from my friend and student, Marilin Lucena Clua. "This walk started in approximately 2010, I remember that I received in an email, an invitation to participate in a lesson of Qigong led by Sifu Carmine Tony Colarusso in the ‘Parque de La Floresta.’ The words Qigong and Sifu Tony resonated in my mind and moved unknown emotions, so I presented myself at the place.

Smile from the Heart

One of the treasures taught at the Southern Shaolin Temple is to Smile from the Heart (SFTH). It is the first exercise I teach my chi kung students and how we open every practice session. When we Smile from the Heart, our main objective is to protect the body, feel gratitude and sense joy. Smile from the Heart can benefit in two ways: 1. Inner Body The regular practice of SFTH can help cleanse your organs and release the toxins that are created daily, in any activity, either

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