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Often described as “meditation in motion,” Tai Chi Chuan, or Tai chi for short, is an elegant exercise involving continuous movements that allows an individual to focus on his or her body sensations while simultaneously maintaining a beneficial breathing pattern.


Originally developed for self-defense and considered to be a martial art, this Chinese tradition has also evolved over time. Tai Chi Chuan has been recognized to provide a variety of physical and emotional health benefits. The exercise combines both gentle flowing and hard-structured movements that place minimal stress on muscles and joints.


It is considered to be a highly effective exercise for all ages and leaves individuals with improved aerobic skills, greater muscle strength, as well as reduced stress and anxiety levels.


Research has shown that Tai chi can have a significant impact on the human body with its combinations of gentle movements. While Tai chi allows for different styles, its premise is to incorporate both gentle and strong building elements aimed at improving one’s balance, flexibility, and overall health.


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