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Be a Responsible Race Car Driver

In the spirit of sharing and thanksgiving, I am honored to share the uplifting and kinds words I recently received from my friend and student, Marilin Lucena Clua.

"This walk started in approximately 2010, I remember that I received in an email, an invitation to participate in a lesson of Qigong led by Sifu Carmine Tony Colarusso in the ‘Parque de La Floresta.’ The words Qigong and Sifu Tony resonated in my mind and moved unknown emotions, so I presented myself at the place.

To my surprise, I found colleagues there that were happy to see me and they asked, 'Do you practice Qigong and is your Sifu Carmine Tony Colarusso?'

My answer was, 'So far I do not practice, I answered the email and I stated that I am ignorant about the subject, however, I am willing to learn!'

The Sifu arrived and my colleagues said come and we will introduce you.

Tony, as I affectionately call him, only said, 'Do you really want to be here, do you want to be free again and heal with responsibility and discipline?'

A silence and a trembling smile was my answer...Today after 7 years, here I am, and I continue practicing Qigong.

Do you want to know why?

The Sifu of Qigong Carmine 'Tony' Colarusso taught me to live as a free being, conscious of body, word and action. It led me to be true to myself and before my parents, friends, sentimental partners, coworkers, community and surroundings.

There are too many lessons and benefits received to summarize in a few lines, however, I ask you: Did you know that we are dressed as race car drivers and are participating on a track called Life, where the only competitor is you and the prize is to live being truly alive?

Welcome companions, the Formula 1 of team Qigong is ready to show you to the track of blessings, just listen to the safety instructions of Sifu Colarusso, and be responsible and disciplined race car drivers.

See you at the finish line!!!" - Marilin Lucena Clua

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