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'When the Disciple is Ready, the Teacher Appears'

Jose Antonio Antich

It is with gratitude and humility that I share the incredible feedback I received from one of my long time students recently. I hope you find his words as encouraging as I did as you work on your personal journey.

" 'When the disciple is ready, the teacher appears.' - Unknown

I do not know from who, where or when this proverb originated, but it is an immense reality when one comes to understand it. Qigong came to me just when I needed it, not before and not after.

I have understood that this millenary practice that Sifu Tony Colarusso has taught me has an individual value for each person. These teachings are so simple and profound and have such positive effects that its hard to believe until its understood and lived with an open heart.

These teachings and simple routines, with constant practice and without the anxiety of adolescence, has individual effects in different dimensions: physically tangible and spiritually experiential. Physically tangible - such as achieving permanent awareness of your body to maintain and recover health and to improve your external appearance (what you show and what others perceive as change). Spiritual experiences - awareness of the small details and changes in your behavior, in your attitude towards life, towards dealing with your peers and to give importance to what truly is.

It is a personal challenge, simple, without shortcuts and an understanding of reality without counsel, that everyone achieves when they manage to understand how to give a smile to anyone they wish from the heart towards any living or spiritual being.

Thank you, Tony for your teaching. " - J.A. Antich

Thank you, Jose Antonio for allowing me to share your uplifting words.

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