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"I teach the conscious management of energy to promote health and vitality. With these two attributes we can access the knowledge of the Spirited Heart, in which the purity of the heart is indispensable ..."


- Sifu Carmine Colarusso




Since 2006, Sifu Carmine “Tony” Colarusso has been fervently dedicated to the study of transcendent ancient Chinese internal arts. His mission is to put health, happiness, and vitality back into the hands of those he helps. To this end he has worked tirelessly to impart his knowledge, acquired from years of careful research, to assist others in developing themselves harmoniously through arts such as Zen Meditation, Chi Kung (Qi Gong), and Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan).


He has trained more than 3,000 practitioners of the inner arts, meditation, and healing in Colombia, Costa Rica, Italy, Perú, Spain, the United States, and Venezuela, and has given more than 420 customized workshops to groups, foundations, therapy centers and corporations.



Jose Antonio Antich 1.jpg

"When the disciple is ready, the teacher appears.' Qigong came to me just when I needed it. These teachings are so simple and profound and have such a positive effect that it's hard to believe until it's understood and lived with an open heart. These teachings and simple routines, with constant practice cause physically tangible and spiritually experiential effects. Thank you for your guidance, Tony."

- Jose Antonio Antich


"Sifu Carmine 'Tony' Colarusso's Chi Kung taught me to: live as a free being, conscious of body, word and action. It led me to be true to myself and before my parents, friends, sentimental partners, coworkers, community and surroundings. Team Qigong is ready to show you to the track of blessings in the race of Life. To live being truly alive, just listen to the safety instructions of Sifu Carmine and be responsible disciplined drivers."

- Marilin Lucena Clua

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"Sifu Colarusso's teachings of the internal energy arts literally saved my life. When I began his classes, I was recovering from depression, dealing with high blood pressure and anxiety, and undergoing complete deterioration. I was taking 17 different prescriptions. It took a while for me to fully recover, but ... with hard work and following his instructions, now I am in perfect health and do not take a single pill!"

- Kelvin Winkler



Coming soon, the first installment of three books on Quietud Sagrada: an introduction to the management of the internal energy arts.


In this first volume, you will find a selection of exercises that will help you on your personal journey of transformation and guide you to reconnecting with your own heart. Each chapter features a story or metaphor that illustrates the power of each exercise and offers insight into the place that Eastern and Western ideals intersect in spite of their apparent differences – a person’s true center.


Stay connected with me on social media and follow my blog for updates on Quietud Sagrada.

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